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Say It Right

What we do is more than copywriting. We unveil the stories behind digital products, startups, and brands. Then we tell each story through the right words, to the right public. We send the proper messages to those who need to hear it. It is made-to-measure content creation and storytelling, strategically wrapped around individual brand personalities.

Pitching at MKB Fintechlab Demo Day

“I created Ideatico to help brands and organizations with their Digital presence, Content, Internal and external communication. Writing has always been my thing and through Ideatico I get to put my Word Magician hat on and help brands, companies, organizations tell their stories. It is as a place where ideas fall into place with the right words. I believe that what we say matters just as much as how we say it. It is amazing how saying it right unfolds the magic.” – Irina Theodoru


We do put some magic in our work, but, in reality, it is the communication skills and the understanding of the business world that drive our creations.

Add two more drops of passion and one ounce of talent and you have a “wizard-worthy-potion” for finding the right words to tell your message.

Communication Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of our assets as communicators. We apply it in understanding brand personalities and public characteristics. It is how we know what, when and where to say.

Beyond professional skills, we employ personal abilities to break communication barriers, to make the messages clearly understood and correctly perceived.

Strategic Thinking
At Ideatico, the content creation doesn’t happen arbitrarily. Though inspiration plays an important role, it is supported by strategic thinking.

We don’t leave to chance to find the words that best talk about your business. It is a process that involves research, long talks, analysis, setting objectives, understanding the vision and adjusting until it is right.

Creative Business Approach
We create content for projects and businesses. This empowers us to employ creativity in reaching goals.

We play with words, but it is serious play. We know what business means and we use copywriting to support it.

If you are an Agency
We partner with agencies that seek to focus on their core activities. We find the stories behind digital products, brands, and startups and make them known. Be it website and app content, presentations, brochures, blog articles – we find the right words that best suit each message, channel, and public category.

Long-term relationships are what we like best. It gives time to grow aside the brand, to get to know the story of a startup and its evolution so that we make its voice heard in a unique way.

If you have a Project
We built our experience mostly around digital products, but we enjoy stepping outside the comfort zone and creating various types of content. We dove into corporate communication, CSR, NGO projects and we loved each bit. We developed a deep understanding of different types of public and projects. We seek the essence and create the copy that brings it out.

Our clients are the best ambassadors

„We have  worked  with Irina Theodoru from Ideatico and still do in a variety of projects, stretching from website copywriting, describing and  integrating the  brand values into its story, to writing various documents for international projects. In every case, Irina brings in professionalism, thorough research, structure, creativity, and puts a lot of heart into her work. Her involvement undoubtebly adds value to each projects she enters. She does everything the right way and, oftetimes, exceeds expectations. I am happy we’ve met and that we get to work together.” Anca Rarău – Managing Partner, Brandocracy


“Irina has been really helpful in our journey to grow Digitalya’s blog, and I appreciate her flexibility on the writing topics, adaptability, and professionalism. We worked on various themes and topics, and the results were always outstanding.” Madalina Lacatis – Marketing Manager, Digitalya

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