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Copywriter and Entrepreneur

I am Irina and I am both a creative and an entrepreneur. I am a content writer specialist who runs around the woIrina pitch at MKB Fintechlab Demo Day_photo for ideatico websiterld of ideas, sometimes escapes to the land of idealism and works magic with words and images. All that with an acute analytic sense and strong logics.


For more than 10 years I’ve been putting intricate ideas into simple, but compelling phrases, which help people relate to brands and their messages. I also have an eye for the right images that can make a text stand out and tell a story. I had the chance to learn the cinematic language during the 6 years I worked for a film studio producing corporate presentation movies.


When I am not writing, I love to take pictures of the beauty I stumble upon, draw or craft; anything that can feed my creativity, actually. Though many times my head sits comfortably in the clouds, I still get to keep my feet on the ground thanks to my very pragmatic academic background. I studied sciences for as long as I can remember, got a bachelor’s degree in Economics – Marketing and a Dauphine-Sorbonne MBA in International Management.


All this is to say that my creativity gets balanced by my analytical, strategic mind. This way I get to understand businesses, the market dynamics and their communication needs.

This is Ideatico

Copywriting, content creation, communication strategy – this is Ideatico. Behind the professional there is a person who just knows how to listen, what needs to be said, discovers and imagines stories.

Be it in English, Romanian or even French, writing content is a joy and also a great responsibility. Each time a new brand voice emerges with the help of words, it needs to be distinct and truthful to what it stands for. Words are a mirror of one’s personality and a means to connect, not mere packaging meant to impress and increase sales. This is what Ideatico stands for.

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Not only do we love to write, but also to listen, to get to know people and their stories. So send us a word or two, tell us what you are looking for in terms of communication and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +40-744-833-377